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100% Organic

The best things have always been the most authentic. This is our motto: we produce extra virgin organic olive oil using traditional methods, without any adulteration, but exploiting technology. We respect the production rules issued by ICEA, but behind our label there is much more: QUALITY, TASTE AND AUTHENTICITY.

Why Bio

Choosing organic methods is obvious for those who care about themselves and the surrounding world. Organic farming respects the environment without releasing pesticides and heavy metals; sustainable agriculture which reduces the use of water, guarantees the nearly total absence of fossil fuel, and it is interested in the ecosystems . Even from a nutritional point of view, organic food has higher nutritional value ensured by stringent control measures throughout the supply chain, from cultivation to packaging and sale. The taste of the flavour, the softness of its smell and its delicacy guarantee the quality of the oil and make it real delicacy for the palate. A whirl of exciting, healthy and genuine pleasure caused by centuries-old olive trees which are grown using traditional techniques. The oil is our greatest treasure. We do not want to loose it but we want to share it with you .

How to identify an organic product

The label as a key role in identifying organic products. Labels must have the inscriptions “bio” to describe an organic product. It must also indicate:

  • the name and address of the worker, the owner and the seller
  • the name of the product
  • the code number (ex. IT ABC D123 C002200)
  • the European Union Logo (white leaf on a green background)

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